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Penn Station: When did New Yorkers Consent to the bulldozers?

Photo Credit: Thomas Claveiro

The planned development around Penn Station threatens to displace New Yorkers as eight blocks surrounding the existing station would be sacrificed to bulldozers. These homes and businesses would be replaced by ten more skyscrapers, blocking out the sunlight from the sidewalk below. These plans have not been subjected to the ordinary community review and feedback process. The City Club advocates for increased transparency in permitting the Empire Station Complex, full opportunity for community review and updates to the plans which are responsive to community feedback.

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Layla Law-Gisiko — enemy of Penn Station project — to run for Assembly

DANA KENNEDY, December 15, 2021

A tenacious Parisian in Manhattan is refusing to bow down to Andrew Cuomo — or his successor — when it comes to fighting plans to transform the area around Madison Square Garden into a forest of skyscrapers.

The former governor’s controversial Penn Station project has spurred Layla Law-Gisiko, a Franco-Arab woman, to run for the Assembly seat soon to be vacated by longtime legislator Richard Gottfried.

Designers pitch ‘plan B’ for Penn Station overhaul with help from ex-MTA boss

NOLAN HICKS, March 28, 2023

An Italian industrial firm is pitching local lawmakers a plan to rethink and downsize the controversial $7 billion overhauling of New York’s Penn Station.

At Risk: The Landmark-Eligible Buildings Around Penn Station


The latest plan to expand Penn Station’s footprint, known as the Empire Station Complex, could have significant ramifications for the historic buildings surrounding the station. The multi-phased project, of which Moynihan Train Hall was just the first, Within the state’s published draft environmental impact statement, the public can see within the architectural and cultural resources section which buildings would be impacted as part of the Empire Station Complex.

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