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Governor's Island

When the Federal Government conveyed Governor's Island to NYC for $1 in 2003, the original deed guaranteed "the protection and preservation of the natural, cultural, and historic qualities of Governors Island." Plans to up-zone threaten this protected historic green space, bringing in hundreds of private vehicles, a hotel, shopping district, a university "Climate Center", and permitting buildings over twenty stories in height which will block public views and interfere with local ecology. The City Club advocates for thoughtful planning for use of this treasured green space in New York City. We are concerned that financial motivations- with a Governor's Island Trust under pressure to increase maintenance revenue while including many members of the real estate development community on its board- are overshadowing the core purpose of the Island and the duty of it's protectors. Governor's Island is a public parkland with unique natural features and historic sites dating back to the 18th Century. We must protect this public area from over-development.


"Photo Credit:  NestorDesigns 

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