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Our Mission Statement

A watchful eye over a changing city Informed and fair Free of political, business or phila

The City Club of New York, founded in 1892 by Edmond Kelly is a civic organization deeply rooted in advocating for sound urban policies and fostering good governance. 


New York is a dynamic urban fabric in constant evolution, but often challenged by large developments and projects of various scales and quality. The delicate balance between growth, social and infrastructure needs and preservation is crucial. 


Ada Louise Huxtable, in her wisdom, once remarked that the key to urban survival lies in the growing number of individuals who truly care. And indeed, there are passionate advocates within neighborhoods, advocating their communities. 


The City Club is a coalition of seasoned advocates assembled to create a comprehensive, inclusive, and credible civic voice on urbanism and governance matters. 


Our members bring expertise in urbanism, housing, architecture, infrastructure, land use planning, historic preservation, and open spaces. Leveraging their expertise, our role is not to replicate existing efforts but to augment them with dedicated advocacy and precision.


New York owes much of its greatness to those who, in the past, courageously stood up for matters of urban significance. When causes warrant earnest battles, we stand resolute to champion them. 

We are committed to working tirelessly, steadfastly, and strategically to advocate for sound urban policies and transparent government.

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