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Our Mission Statement

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If you live here, work here or love New York from a distance, you know how vulnerable the City can be to greedy developments or well intentioned but poorly planned projects. Places we cherish, neighborhoods with character, beloved green spaces, even the basic joys of sunlight on our sidewalks seem always under assault from powerful and well-connected interests.

As the late Ada Louise Huxtable noted, "the ultimate weapon in the war for urban survival is the increasing number of people who care."

People do care. Many neighborhoods have scrappy defenders. Unfortunately in recent years, there has not been a strong voice that reaches across the city to question and challenge proposals that deserve scrutiny, especially those requiring public land, public subsidies or discretionary public approvals.

To break the civic silence, a group of seasoned advocates are coming together under the auspices of New York's venerable City Club to build a broad, representative and trustworthy civic voice.

Many of the organizers are now or have been active in established groups involved with design, planning, historic preservation and open space. The expertise of these groups is invaluable. Our function is not to duplicate useful work but more often to build upon it with the sharp focus and tools of advocacy.

New York is the greatest city on earth thanks in no small part to those before us who stood up when necessary to fight for things that mattered.

When things matter enough to warrant a real fight we intend to be there.

Working to win.

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