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Governor's Island

Governor's Island is one of NYC's oldest serene escapes.  Rezoning threatens to prioritize profit and parking over the preservation guaranteed it's deed.

The Federal government sold Governor's Island to NYC for $1 in 2003, passing over ownership with a deed which protected 40 acres of the property as parkland.  Recent up-zoning by the City threatens this historic escape for New Yorkers, with buildings dating back to the 18th century and undisturbed park space enjoyed by humans and wildlife alike.  The up-zoning permits plans to replace urban farmland with towers as tall as 25 stories, and  to pave over natural areas to create 200 parking spaces.  Additional park space will be sacrificed for a hotel, a shopping district, and a Climate Center to be run by a yet-to-be selected university.  The Governor's Island Trust needs to operate with dedication to the deeded purpose of this land- public use.  While real estate developers stand to make a profit from up-zoning, The City Club wants to ensure that financial concerns don't overshadow the terms of the original deed, which guaranteed "the protection and preservation of the natural, cultural, and historic qualities of Governors Island."

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