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The Waterfront Committee of the City Club focuses on key areas including waterfront resiliency, equity in waterfront access and transportation, and the impact of state and federal policies on waterfront development and management. Through analysis and advocacy, the committee addresses pressing issues related to climate change adaptation, equitable distribution of waterfront protection, and the alignment of state and federal policies with local needs and priorities. By championing resiliency measures, promoting equitable access to our waterfront and waterways, and opining on state and federal policies, the committee plays an important role in safeguarding and enhancing the sustainability and vitality of waterfront communities.

Committee Members

Tom Fox, Co-chair

John Shapiro Co-chair

Alice Blank

Sally Bowman

Rob Buchanan

Bill Calabrese

Clay Hiles

Sam Jackson

Klaus Jacob

Layla Law-Gisiko

Elliott Maltby

Alex Miller

Gita Nandan

Walter Rodriguez Meyer

Aaron Singh

John West

Banner photo credit: Tom Fox

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