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June 28, 2023, 6.60pm


  • Richard Emery - Environmental Lawyer

  • Rachael Fauss - Fiscal Policy Advocate

  • Felicia Park-Rogers - Transportation & Infrastructure Policy and  Expert

MODERATED BY Layla Law-Gisiko, President, The City Club of New York

Join us online on Wednesday, June 28, at 6.30pm for an engaging webinar titled "Penn Station: Are we Ready to Transforming the Heart of the Region?" This event comes as many plans, proposals and projects are being floated to address Penn Station's challenges. But what does Penn Station need? How does the New York Metro region plan for its transportation future? And why is Penn Station the mess that it is today?

With a focus on  this iconic transportation hub, our esteemed panelists will explore innovative solutions and discuss potential pathways towards a more efficient and modern transportation facility.

During the webinar, transportation policy expert Felicia Par-Rogers, environmental lawyer Richard Emery and fiscal policy wizard Rachael Fauss will help us make sense of this cacophonous landscape.  

Together, we will delve into enhancing passenger experience, improving connectivity, and preserving the station's architectural heritage, while keeping tab of the projects costs. This insightful platform will contribute to the decision-making process as various environmental reviews are under way.

Don't miss the chance to be part of this significant conversation about the future of Penn Station. Join us and help shape the future of this pivotal transportation hub, securing its enduring legacy for generations to come.

Register now to secure your spot and have your voice heard in the transformation of Penn Station.



Richard Emery

Richard Emery is an environmental lawyer. 

Rachael Fauss

Rachael Fauss, Senior Policy Advisor, has more than fifteen years of experience in state and city budget and public policy analysis and is considered an expert in conflict of interest and ethics issues. Rachael also has a special expertise in MTA budget and governance issues. Previously, Rachael worked at Citizens Union and the New York State Assembly. Rachael has a Master of Public Administration from Rockefeller College at SUNY Albany.

Felicia Park-Rogers

Felicia Park-Rogers is the Director of Regional Infrastructure Projects for Tri-State Transportation Campaign, a policy and advocacy organization working to improve equity and the environment through regional transportation.

June 28, 2023, 6.60pm

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